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Samurai Warriors 4 on PlayStation 4 is Just Ridiculous

by Ron Duwell | July 11, 2014July 11, 2014 6:30 pm PST

We’re all excited around here for Nintendo’s Hyrule Warriors. Link and his crew charging into battle against hundreds of Moblins is just a fever dream come true for old Nintendo holdouts like me.

If you haven’t been up to date with Nintendo’s spin-off of its classic Legend of Zelda series, then here is the skinny. It is heavily inspired by the Dynasty Warriors and Samurai Warriors series from Japanese developer Koei Tecmo. These infamous games have a loyal fanbase who passionately enjoy the thought of pitting a single ancient warrior against entire armies of trash mobs and wiping them out with flashy moves.

That’s really all the games are, and these warriors also happen to be the most beautiful people on Earth. It’s about as mindlessly fun as it gets, and the best thing about it is the only way to true improve the formula is to make your characters flashier and add more bad guys! If you’ve never seen game in the series before, the trailer gives a great look.

Dynasty Warriors‘ modern formula first took shape on the PlayStation 2 with Dynasty Warriors 2, putting the ancient Chinese warriors against a dozen or so enemies at a time. Two console generations and enormous leaps in technology later, Samurai Warriors 4 is bringing this same formula to the PlayStation 4 with staggering results.

Just look how many dudes you’ll be fighting up against. That’s insane. I’m all for creating new gameplay ideas and pushing genre boundaries with the improved technology of this generation, but Koei Tecmo gets a pass just because their idea of “next-gen” is just that silly. I can’t wait to see what the series looks like when it stops being held back by cross-generation releases.

If you like what you see then you can wait for the PlayStation 4 release of Samurai Warriors 4 on Oct. 24. Those with a Wii U should keep an eye out for Hyrule Warriors, which will release on Sept. 24.

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