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Samsung Ending its Plasma TV Line

by Sean P. Aune | July 11, 2014July 11, 2014 10:00 pm PST

Samsung PNF8500

You can add another nail to the coffin to the plasma TV format with the latest announcement from Samsung.

When the HDTV movement began, it was a choice between plasma and LCD displays. While the plasma sets were generally considered to have the better picture quality, they were not as cheap as their LCD brethren, and many people opted for the more cost effective format in their upgrade to the HD generation.

With LED on the move, and the industry making the slow march toward UHD/4K displays, it’s time for a format to put it’s head on the chopping block, and it looks like it will be plasma.

Panasonic had already pulled the plug on plasma, but recently Samsung joined in as well saying that this would be the last year it would release plasma sets. With that in mind, it looks as though the Samsung PNF8500 line will be the one to close the door. In a statement to CNET recently, the Korean manufacturer said:

We plan to continue our PDP TV business until the end of this year, due to changes in market demands. We remain committed to providing consumers with products that meet their needs, and will increase our focus on growth opportunities in UHD TV’s and Curved TV’s.

Plasma televisions had a good run, but the cost was just too much for most consumers. It’s just interesting that once again it is the superior format that loses out in a format war. (We miss you Beta cassettes!)


Sean P. Aune

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