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Instagram Suggested User Feature Quietly Rolls Out

by Brandon Russell | July 11, 2014July 11, 2014 12:00 pm PST

Instagram suggested

Instagram has been relatively quiet as of late, rolling out quiet updates with your typical bug fixes and performance improvements. Nothing to really note. But, in fact, the photo-sharing application actually failed to mention a pretty neat feature that I noticed just last night. (Maybe you noticed it sooner than that, in which case, bravo.)

Now, when you select someone to follow, a little animation will popup suggesting other users to follow, too. Instagram has always had a Suggested User area, but that was always buried deep in the settings menu (it’s still there). But now it’s easier than ever to find other Instagram users. It seems, however, as though it only applies to those with a lot of followers. Choosing to follow me, for example, probably won’t bring up a list of suggested users since I don’t have many followers to begin with.

But for someone with thousands and thousands of followers already? You’ll get a specially tailored list that suggests other similar users like the person you just followed. I use Instagram pretty regularly, and haven’t noticed this feature until this week (it may have been there for much longer). I just thought it was neat—although it seems to be a pretty exclusive club at this point.

Instagram has worked hard to make it much easier to discover other Instagram users. The Explore tab, for example, is now filled with photos and users based on photos you’ve liked in the past, rather than simply showing the most popular photos on the platform at that time. It’s a neat little feature, I thought, and I’ve found that it shows up on both Android and iOS, so get to following.

Brandon Russell

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