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Chinese Media Dubs Apple’s iPhone A Threat To National Security

by Brandon Russell | July 11, 2014July 11, 2014 8:00 pm PST

iPhone 5s Gold, Apple, Standing

Media officials in China have branded Apple’s iPhone a bonafide threat to national security, with the device’s Location Services at the brunt of the issue.

A report by CCTV complained that the data collection by Apple could potentially reveal sensitive “state secrets” if accessed by the wrong people. Apple has previously been accused by Chinese media for providing the U.S. government with data collected through its iPhones. Reporters and security experts have called for “severe punishment,” though no such punishment has been lobbied against the Cupertino-based company just yet.

Location services for specific apps can easily be turned off—or you can just turn it off as a whole. Still, for those seemingly unaware that smartphones do track and time-stamp user locations, Chinese media wants to create a hysteria so people are aware. Whether these are unjust accusations is up for debate.

Apple’s iPhone has become a hit on China Mobile, so consumers are obviously quite pleased with the iPhone’s presence. Chinese media, on the other hand, are pretty nonplussed about the device’s tracking abilities, and wants something to be done.

Google, Cisco and IBM are among other U.S. companies that have been targeted by Chinese media in the past; meanwhile, the Chinese government has refused to upgrade computers to Windows 8 because of security concerns. Analysts claim this is due to a so-called “Snowden Effect,” after Edward Snowden.


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