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Bizarre Skullgirls Message Outs Pirates

by Eric Frederiksen | July 11, 2014July 11, 2014 4:30 pm PST


What is the square root of a fish? The Internet has a few answers, but for one gamer, the answer was egg on his face.

A Twitter user named SaikyoChamp sent a query to the official Skullgirls account including the screenshot you see above. As you might expect, he was confused by the strange message.

It looks like this is just the latest in a line of funny anti-piracy measures various developers have implemented that forego clunky DRM and instead agitate and embarrass players. Some memorable instances include fictional writer Alan Wake wearing an eye patch through the entire game and Serious Sam being chased by an immortal pink scorpion in Serious Sam 3.

When asked about the curious Skullgirls message, the official account replied, “It means you should probably buy the game instead of pirate it.”


What followed was a downright civil conversation between a gamer and developer that ended with the developer asking the pirate to “just try to do the right thing eventually.”

Considering that that person’s livelihood is on the line, they were pretty nice about someone stealing their stuff.

Just like regular DRM, measures like this could be circumvented to make games playable, but at the very least these creative methods tend to garner support from the community rather than rage. They humanize the people making the games and remind gamers that the people that build these games are part of the community, too.

I hope SaikyoChamp does the right thing eventually, too.


Eric Frederiksen

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