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Sony Changed Its E3 2013 Script After Negative Xbox One Blowback

by Joey Davidson | July 10, 2014July 10, 2014 6:30 pm PST

Remember E3 2013? Not the one that went down this past June. No. The one that happened in June of last year.

Microsoft had just rolled out its Xbox One. It talked all about TV, the inability to play used games, unveiled a $499 price point, made the camera mandatory and went all over the place with DRM-esque practices.

All of that went over poorly for the makers of the Xbox One. The outrage on Twitter, Facebook and forums around the Internet was thick and constant. The buzz surrounding what should have been a wonderful reveal was overwhelmingly negative. No bueno, right?

According to Andrew House at Sony, watching Microsoft’s reveal and seeing the response to it lead them to rewrite their presentation that year. Here he is during a presentation, as heard by Polygon.

“It made us feel a little bit clearer about our message…when a lot of the negativity was emerging around DRM issues and used games. I remember reading an article literally the weekend before E3 that was basically saying that this is the direction Microsoft was taking and that it was only a matter of time before Sony adopts the same approach.

That sort of put me on the back foot and I went and re-wrote portions of my E3 presentation script that weekend and we re-crafted the presentation because there was now an onus on us not to be seen to be going down the same path.”

There have been a lot of rumblings that Sony changed its minds on DRM and used games following Microsoft’s nearly disastrous presser. House says that isn’t the case.

It is interesting, though, that they decided to rewrite their presentation in favor of throwing Microsoft under the bus. Remember this gem?


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