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Shovel Knight Has a Hidden “Butt Mode,” Here is How to Unlock It

Shovel Knight Butt Mode

Shovel Knight has trampled the lackluster competition and become one of my favorite games of 2014. You can read about it here in my review, and I haven’t even begun to explore all of the silly cheat codes that have been popping up. So far, a list of over 300 codes have been discovered by fans since the launch two weeks ago, but only one of them has been gaining widespread traction thanks to it being a little bit cheeky.

Butt Mode.

Butt Mode won’t change a thing in terms of gameplay, but it will replace several commonly used nouns like “Shovel” and “Knight” with the word “butt.” Yes, your protagonist will be named “Butt Butt.” Our lead heroine will be renamed “Shield Butt,” and the Order of No Quarter will be hilariously renamed into the likes of “Mole Butt,” “Propeller Butt,” “King Butt,” “Treasure Butt,” and my favorite of the bunch, “Tinker Butt”

Other words like “Health” and “Magic” have also been replaced, leading to some really confusing conversations.

Oh childish humor, I’ve missed you. To unlock “Butt Mode,” simply call yourself WSWWAEAW in Shovel Knight‘s name selection screen, and prepare to giggle like an elementary school boy.

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