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Samsung Teams Up With Intel, Dell and More to Connect the Internet of Things

by Jacob Kleinman | July 10, 2014July 10, 2014 10:00 pm PST

samsung fridge

Tech companies are racing to put computer chips in everything from your refrigerator to your thermostat, but we won’t see the full potential of the Internet of Things until all those devices are talking to one another rather than simply reporting to your smartphone. With that in mind Samsung, Dell, Intel and a few other companies are teaming up to help get all your devices and gadgets talking.

The Open Interconnect Consortium (OIC) includes Samsung, Atmel, Broadcom, Dell, Intel, Samsung and Wind River. The main goal is to establish an industry standard for all technology, so information can pass between devices “regardless of form factor, operating system or service provider.” The OIC also says it plans to recruit more companies in the next few months.

The group hasn’t started coding just yet, but says each member will offer up engineers and time for the project. The goal is to offer something by the third quarter of 2014, though it could be a while before the OIC starts gaining any real traction. Then again, with Samsung, Intel and Dell onboard the group definitely stands a chance, though we’ve also seen Apple and Google move towards offering their own incompatible smart-home systems.


Jacob Kleinman

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