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You Can Now Mirror Your Android Device Through Chromecast

Android Chromecast Mirror

It was promised at Google I/O last month, and now the update is here. Google on Wednesday introduced a Chromecast update that allows Android users to mirror their device through the little streaming device. On Google’s official Chrome Blog, the company explained that the feature is still in beta, so there’s a chance things won’t work 100-percent of the time. Still, you can finally start mirroring away.

The implementation is quite simple: when you’re in the vicinity of a Chromecast device, a new “Cast Screen” option will show up on your Android device, which then beams whatever is on your mobile screen to your TV. You can view stuff like photos, movies and even your favorite apps; anything you do will mirror directly through the Chromecast, as if your smartphone is now 5x bigger.

Google says the feature will begin rolling out to popular phones from Samsung, HTC, LG and others in the next few days, so don’t be alarmed if you don’t see the Cast Screen option just yet. Google also said to lookout for version 1.7 of the Chromecast app in Google Play to use the new feature.


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