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Motorola: Don’t Forget About the Moto 360

The G Watch and Gear Live are available to purchase right now from Google Play, but Motorola wants to make sure you don’t forget there’s a third Android Wear device slated for release later this summer. The company released a short video on YouTube today teasing the Moto 360 and focusing on its circular display.

“There’s something magical about the round shape” says Moto 360 product lead Lior Ron, before offering a few reasons why the display is a step above the square screens currently offered by LG and Samsung. First, it’s a bigger screen, which means you can see more information in a single glance. Second, it’s what you expect traditionally, and at least for now most people are probably more comfortable wearing a smartwatch that actually looks like a watch.

If you just can’t stand to wait until the Moto 360 hits the market we won’t blame you. We couldn’t resist ordering the new devices as soon as they hit Google Play, though we’ll probably order Motorola’s as well whenever it finally launches. If you’re only planning on grabbing one model though it looks like the Moto 360 is the best of the bunch, though it’s possible it may also be the most expensive.


Jacob Kleinman

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