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iPhone 6 Rear Shell Looks Nearly Final In New Pictures

by Brandon Russell | July 9, 2014July 9, 2014 10:30 am PST

MacRumors has received what it claims to be photos of a final iPhone 6 rear shell, indicating how the device will look when it launches this fall. We already had a pretty solid idea of the iPhone’s new design, but this seems to confirm those suspicions.

The edges are now more rounded, and the entire rear shell now seems to be all aluminum, with no glass slits on the top and bottom. Those atrocious antenna bands seem to be there, however, though we’re still not quite sure what the material will consist of. They’re very pronounced, though, particularly on the white model.

The pictures were provided by Feld & Volk, who claims the cutout where the Apple logo is could house a near field communications (NFC) antenna. We’ve heard reports the device may introduce NFC, but rumors seem to be conflicted at this point. In addition to the possibility of NFC, the iPhone 6 may also include an array of new sensors, along with a screen that could be nearly indestructible.

In addition to the white model, pictures of a darker gray rear shell have also been shared by MacRumors, showing the part deep into the manufacturing process. In addition to the rumored 4.7-inch model, Apple is also expected to announce a 5.5-inch iteration this fall.


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