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Google Maps Adds Neat Feature That Let’s You Easily Measure Distance

by Brandon Russell | July 9, 2014July 9, 2014 11:00 am PST

Google Maps measurement

Google this week introduced a new Google Maps feature that allows users to easily measure distance. The feature is across the entirety of the service, and can be applied to anywhere on the map. It’s much more modular than simply getting directions; the new measurement tool let’s you draw across Maps in straight lines, and with each line you draw, Google will calculate the total distance.

It’s super simple to start measuring: just right click anywhere on Maps, click “Measure Distance,” and a small dot will pop up. Click again on the map at another point, and a line will be drawn. You can keep clicking to draw lines through the map, and Google will provide the total distance along the way.

If anything, the tool is neat to mess around with, even if it might not serve any immediate purpose for you. You’re able to make as many points as you want, and move them around once they’ve been placed, too. It’s a simple feature, but I could see it being useful for cyclists, runners, etc. When you want to clear your measurements, just right click and hit Clear. Easy, and fun.

I smell a Tumblr coming on dedicated to Google Maps drawings. Any second now.


Brandon Russell

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