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Cliff Bleszinski Returning to Game Design with Free-to-Play Bluestreak

by Ron Duwell | July 9, 2014July 9, 2014 6:00 am PST

Blue Streak

Cliff Bleszinski, formerly of Epic Games and the man responsible for strapping a chainsaw onto an assault rifle, has returned from his early retirement to make a science fiction free-to-play arena shooter called Bluestreak. Bleszkinski made the announcement on his Twitter account, also announcing the creation of his new studio, Boss Key Productions, in the process. Is that a Zelda reference I see there?

While we are quite certain that Bleszinski’s grand return to the video game scene will not be an adaptation of a late 90s buddy cop comedy starring Martin Lawrence, the idea of him tackling free-to-play is not surprising.

Bleszinski is an adamant supporter of digital distribution and the new age of gaming business models. He also infamously got into a few Internet scuffles with gamers last year while defending Microsoft’s controversial Xbox One DRM decisions.

No specifics about his game have been revealed yet, other than it’s a sci-fi arena shooter, it is not a MOBA, and it is being published by Nexon, but he will take more questions on the free-to-play nature at a later time.

The Gears of War designer has gone free-to-play for PC. Any takers?

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