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Sunset Overdrive’s Opening Cinematic Live Streamed by Insomniac Games

by Ron Duwell | July 7, 2014July 7, 2014 2:30 pm PST

If you are like us, then Insomniac’s Sunset Overdrive is one of your most anticipated games of the year. The open-world zombie blaster looks a little basic in terms of shooting and parkour, but those worries are easily set aside by the excellent sense of character and grand colorful explosions. This is the anti-Gears of War, making sure that color has a place in this new age of gaming.

On an RTXLive streaming event over the weekend, Insomniac took the opportunity to stream the opening cinematic that will introduce you to the world of Sunset Overdrive. It looks like the setup of an E3 press conference, but rather than video games, the extreme marketing is getting onlookers excited for a soft drink.

The world’s most powerful corporation, Fizzco, is about to release its new drink called OverCharge Delirium XT, and the attendees are promised to be the first people in the world to get their hands on it. Of course, these people are also the first in a wave of zombie transformations which will spread through the world like a plague, erupting Sunset City into chaos.

Our default protagonist sees this all happen, and the game is in your hands from there.

Sunset Overdrive will give you full customization of your hero, and it promises a changing and ever-adapting world thanks to Microsoft’s cloud functions. Insomniac Games is back in the business of making people happy, so be prepared to not take this post-apocalypse too seriously. Sunset Overdrive will be released exclusively for the Xbox One on Oct. 28.

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