Skype for iPhone Gets Even Better With Version 5.2

by Jacob Kleinman | July 7, 2014

skype iphone 4

Last month Microsoft rolled out a completely redesigned version of Skype for the iPhone, but the company’s still not done improving its messaging service. Today the app got another update, making it even easier to use Skype on your iPhone.

Skype version 5.2 adds three new features based on user-submitted suggestions. First, recorded voice messages from your contacts will now show up within your conversation, and you can tap play to quickly listen. Second, you can view any contact’s profile by simply tapping on their name in the “people list,” and third, there’s a new “add participants” button for adding more people to any conversation.

Microsoft also notes that it’s not done updating Skype by a longshot. If there’s something you’re still missing from the iPhone app let Microsoft know and it may just be included in the version 5.3.

It’s good to see Skype on the iPhone receiving regular updates. A big part of Microsoft’s new strategy seems focused on getting its services running on as many platforms and devices as possible, and keeping these apps updated and fresh is an important aspect of that plan.


Jacob Kleinman

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