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Dota Dash Brings Mario Kart to Dota 2

by Joey Davidson | July 7, 2014July 7, 2014 9:30 pm EST

And now for a mod that makes complete sense. D2Moddin took Dota 2 and applied a generous heaping of Mario Kart style racing to the base formula.

Powerups, jumps and insane courses all make their debut in the Defense of the Ancients world in this absurd mod. The trailer above details a bit of what to expect.

The Steam Community page for Dota Dash offers this in regards to the game:

Dota Dash is a Fast-paced Dota 2 racing game meant to feel like Mario Kart. Race with fast-paced sliding controls! Use greevil shells to blast your enemy! Drop banana peels to send your enemy slipping!

If you have Dota 2 and sign into the site itself, you can queue up and play Dota Dash for free right now by heading here.

What do you think of this fan made mod?

D2Moddin Destructoid

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