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Get a Taste of Android L With the Latest Nova Launcher

by Killian Bell | July 6, 2014July 6, 2014 11:00 am PST

Android L Nova Launcher

Android L is only available on select devices in preview form right now, and it won’t be released to the public until this fall — but you can get a taste of some of Google’s new design changes now with the latest Nova Launcher update.

If you’re a long-time Android user, you’re probably already familiar with Nova, one of the most popular third-party launchers available in Google Play. It brings all kinds of customization options to your homescreen and app drawer, including the ability to apply new icon packs and fonts, tweak icon layouts and folder designs, and more.

The latest Nova Launcher update offers a number of Android L design tasters, giving those of us who don’t want to run preview software the opportunity to experience a few of Google’s visual improvements early. In addition to Android L folder previews, it also brings the new app drawer icon and “slide up” app animation.

If you don’t already have Nova installed, you can download it for free from Google Play by following the source link below. There’s also a $4 Prime option for those who want additional features like the ability to customize gestures, show unread counts above app icons, and hide apps. You won’t need Prime for the Android L tasters, though.

Once installed, head into Nova’s settings menu and select “Folder,” then “Folder Preview.” In here you can select “Line,” which provides you with Android L’s more uniform folder design. Now return to the settings menu, select “Look and Feel,” and then “App Animation.” Activating the “Slide Up” animation causes apps to slide up from the bottom of the screen when you open them, then slide down again when you close them.

Finally, you can change your KitKat app drawer icon to the new white icon by tapping and holding it, then selecting “Edit.” Tap the icon again inside the popup box, and then select the new icon design from under the “Built-in” tab.

For an even greater Android L experience, you can download the Moonshine icon pack from Google Play, which boasts over 385 icons all designed around Android L’s flatter design language. You can also get an Android L keyboard port from third-party developer Shen Ye for free.

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