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OnePlus Tab a Photoshopped Fake, Company Says

by Jacob Kleinman | July 3, 2014July 3, 2014 12:00 pm PST


Yesterday, rumors of a OnePlus Tab from the Chinese-phone maker surfaced online after Evleaks shared an alleged leaked photo from the company’s internal website. Unfortunately it looks like the entire thing may have been a hoax, and today OnePlus said it has no plans for a tablet, calling the leak a total fake.

We’re definitely disappointed to hear that OnePlus won’t be rolling out a Cyanogen-powered tablet in the near future. We’d love to see the company apply the same strategy of matching great design and specs with a budget-friendly price that we saw with the OnePlus One. Of course, it’s possible OnePlus is in fact developing a tablet, but it’s clearly not ready to make any sort of official announcement at this point either way.

Evleaks actually had a second piece of bad news on Thursday concerning a second alleged leak shared earlier this week. A blurry photo and accompanying specs for HTC’s rumored Nexus tablet are fake as well, and the work of a “14-year-old posing as a Google engineer.” Unfortunately, that means we’re back at square one when it comes to HTC’s mystery tablet, though hopefully Google will make an official announcement in the near future.

Jacob Kleinman

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