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Moto 360 May Cost Way More Than We Thought

The first Android Wear smartwatches from LG and Samsung are already available to order, but pricing and availability for Motorola’s flashy Moto 360 is still a mystery. Google still hasn’t said how much the circular smartwatch will cost once it hits the market later this summer, but according to one Chinese retailer the Moto 360’s price could be more than double that of its square-faced counterparts.

According to Jingdong, the Moto 360 will retail for 2,800 yuan (roughly $450). Compared to the $200 Gear Live or even LG’s $229 G Watch it’s hard to make a case for the upcoming device. It makes sense that Motorola’s premium smartwatch would come at a premium price, but $450 is unheard of in this market. It’s also a bit bizarre coming from Motorola, which has recently pushed in the opposite direction with budget-friendly smartphones priced as low as $129 off-contract.

Of course, there’s no guarantee this is the official price for the Moto 360. Jingdong claims the device is “temporarily sold out,” but we’re guessing this is just a placeholder listing. Hopefully Motorola’s upcoming smartwatch won’t be quite so expensive as this one retailer suggests, and if we’re lucky maybe earlier predictions that the device could start at around $250 will win out in the end.

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Jacob Kleinman

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