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deep down Producers Discussed Beta Policies, Provides Look at Anger Dungeon

by Ron Duwell | July 2, 2014July 2, 2014 8:30 pm PST

Capcom Producer Kazunori Sugiura knows you are getting impatient with the delay in his free-to-play “not Dark Souls” action RPG, deep down. After a no-show this year at E3, Sugiura has opened up about the delay in a Japanese Twitter post, translated on NeoGAF, mentioning “there’s no excuse.”

“Details on the public beta test are likely to come in July,” he said. “There’s no excuse, as everyone was looking forward to the information. Rather than development circumstances, we’re discussing with the higher ups the policies for the beta test.

“As an apology, I’m attaching a screenshot of the game in development. It’s a dungeon themed after the emotion of Anger. I will report again in July.”

A dungeon themed on the emotion of anger is interesting, especially with the chains over the main gate’s haunting face. We’ve seen this face before in other screenshots, so maybe this indicates we’ll be seeing a lot of emotions from the carved rock. Nice touch, however, I feel like a dungeon inspired by the emotion of frustration would be better suited for this acknowledgement.

Many are looking forward to deep down to get a glance at what Capcom’s internal development team will be capable of for the next generation. The new Panta Rhei graphic engine will be used in a few more games, most likely Resident Evil 7 among them, so this will be a major showcase for Capcom as well as an interesting procedurally generated action RPG.

I went hands on with deep down at TGS last year and had a bit of fun with it, and the E3 trailer showed how far Capcom has come in making it look like a legitimate next-gen title. Now, all we have to do is wait, and wait, and wait for this game to finally be released.

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