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Cyanogen on Android L: “L is For Later”


The Android L developer preview has been out for a week now. Third-party app developers are already preparing for the official release while tech press and fans happily play with the new OS, but one group is surprisingly uninterested when it comes to the new operating system. In a blog post this week, Cyanogen said it has no plans to develop for Android L until the final version becomes available.

Cyanogen goes on to explain its roadmap for the near future, which focuses largely on fixing bugs in CyanogenMod 11 OS. The company is also preparing to release an M8 update to match Android 4.4.4, which should be available early next week. After that, Cyanogen could potentially start work on CM12, but says it’s not worth the risk that Google could push out a major change to Android L later this year.

That doesn’t mean the company isn’t already combing through Android L. Cyanogen notes that Google’s developer preview gives it the opportunity to work out solutions for every gap between CM11 and the new Android OS. “This process will drastically increase our ability to release something full-featured once official, and final, L source is made available,” notes CyanogenMod head moderator Abhisek Devkota.

Google’s decision to release an Android L preview was an unprecedented move that gives developers and phone-makers alike a chance to prepare for the official release this fall. Even if Cyanogen doesn’t start preparing for the software upgrade right away, we’re sure the company will be ready to deliver something impressive by the end of the year that makes Google’s new operating system even better.


Jacob Kleinman

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