T-Mobile CEO: FTC Lawsuit “Unfounded and Without Merit”

by Brandon Russell | July 1, 2014

T-Mobile Event July 2013 - 03

T-Mobile CEO John Legere has responded to the FTC lawsuit, calling the accusations “unfounded and without merit.” Legere highlighted the company’s proactive refund program, and reminded users that it stopped billing customers for premium SMS services at the end of last year. In typical Legere style, he said that T-Mobile is “fighting harder than any of the carriers to change the way the wireless industry operates,” calling itself a “pro-consumer company.”

“This is about doing what is right for consumers and we put in place procedures to protect our customers from unauthorized charges,” Legere said. He then went on to blame the third-party providers, saying some of them acted irresponsibly.

The FTC accusations allege that T-Mobile knowingly billed its customers for bogus premium SMS charges, and then made it difficult for customers to even know where these charges were coming from. If that’s the case, then T-Mobile will certainly have some explaining to do. But, according to Legere, the carrier has done nothing wrong, and has always had the best interest of its customers in mind.

“We believe those [third-party] providers should be held accountable, and the FTC’s lawsuit seeking to hold T-Mobile responsible for their acts is not only factually and legally unfounded, but also misdirected.”



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