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Galaxy S5 GPE Shows Its Stock Android Face in New Leak

Samsung just unveiled the Galaxy S5 Mini this morning, but diehard Android fans are still waiting for another announcement from the South Korean company. The Galaxy S5 Google Play Edition is still just a rumor, but today the stock Android smartphone leaked out yet again, this time courtesy of @evleaks.

We’ve already seen the Galaxy S5 GPE leak a few times, once in the wild and before that in Google’s own Play Store, but Samsung still hasn’t confirmed the device. It’s possible the delay has something to do with Google and Samsung’s ongoing power struggle over the future of Android, though last we heard the two tech titans were on pretty good terms. It’s also worth noting that HTC’s One M8 is already available through Google Play after launching around the same time as the Galaxy S5.

So what’s the hold up? It’s tough to say and @evleaks doesn’t offer any new info beyond suggesting the stock Android device will launch sometime this year. We were hopeful the Galaxy S5 GPE might make an appearance at Google I/O last week, but no such luck. If you’re still holding out for this device we’re not sure what to tell you. Hopefully it’s coming soon, but exactly when is still a big mystery.


Jacob Kleinman

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