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Final Fantasy Artniks Dive Announced for Mobile Devices by Gree

by Ron Duwell | July 1, 2014July 1, 2014 7:30 pm PST

Final Fantasy Artnick Dive

Why should Square Enix make its own Final Fantasy games on mobile devices when there are probably plenty of other companies with more experience on the platform willing to do it? Well, quality control and protecting your most important brand name by making sure it isn’t squandered on crummy free-to-play games is one reasonable argument against that, but why listen to reason?

Japanese social networking company Gree has just announced Final Fantasy Artniks Dive, the latest attempt to cash-in on the Final Fantasy brand name on free-to-play mobile platforms. Seriously guys, did All The Bravest teach you nothing?

This game tosses aside all of the disgusting touch-based mechanics which made All The Bravest the absolute worst thing to ever hold the Final Fantasy brand name, and instead, it is being modeled after the old 2D Final Fantasy games, similarly to Final Fantasy Dimensions. It will feature a totally explorable world with weapon crafting, hundreds of monsters to battle, and classic Final Fantasy jobs to unlock.

No news on how either company plans to make money off of this game, but my guess is that it will revolve around the collectible cards starring heroes from the series, as well as giving experience boosts and weapons to those who don’t enjoy the grind.

Final Fantasy Artnick Dive (2)

The sole gameplay screenshots makes it look like you’ll be given a set of blank, slate generic characters and be tasked with morphing them into ultimate warriors. Forgive me if it doesn’t inspire much confidence. I’ll just trudge over to my Nintendo DS and fire up my copy of Final Fantasy V if I wanted to do that.

If you’ve never played a classic Final Fantasy game from the Super Nintendo days, I’d say you were doing yourself a disservice by playing them on mobile phones. Skip the free-to-play knock-offs, skip the touch support ports, save yourself $10 and download them through the Virtual Console. Either that or pick up the Game Boy Advance versions. Final Fantasy IV, V and VI are all wonderful games which haven’t aged nearly enough to warrant a remake.

Fight back against this trend of cheapening old-school Final Fantasy and demand the real thing.

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