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Super Mario Bros. New World Record Beats Old One by a Second

by Ron Duwell | June 30, 2014June 30, 2014 6:00 am EST

27 year-old gaming enthusiast Blubbler is now the holder of the world record of the fastest Super Mario Bros. run. Using warp tunnels and a glitches, perfectly legal in the unwritten rule book, he clocked in his impressive speed run at 4:57.69.

Seeing as there are many ways to complete Nintendo’s masterpiece 8-bit platformer, be it by not using warps or not using glitches, Blubber’s record is “any percentage” designation. The glitch in question involves a Bullet Bill crossing the finish line line the same time as Mario in world 8-2, which skips Mario’s victory walk at the end of the level and saves Bubber the imperative second and a half he otherwise wouldn’t have had.

The previous world record was held by andrewg, who stood at 4:59.09.

How are your gaming skills, and how do they hold up these guys? It seems unlikely anybody will be able to shave off anymore time from this record seeing how precisely each jump and run is nailed in the video. I’d love to see these record hunters challenge the nightmare levels that Mario Maker is bound to turn out next year.


Ron Duwell

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