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iPhone 6: Here’s What the Curved Glass Looks Like, Finally!

by Todd Haselton | June 30, 2014June 30, 2014 12:35 pm PST

Wow, the leaks are coming in steady and quick these days. Earlier on Monday we covered a report that suggested the final iPhone 6 units will look drastically different than the iPhone 6 dummy units that are already spilling out, thanks to the different manufacturing procedures and materials that Apple will employ. The report also pointed to the curved glass screens that Apple is apparently going to use.

9to5Mac just ran a batch of photos that show off that curvature. If you look closely at the corners of the screen, you can see the curving of the edges, which we don’t believe we’ve ever seen on an iPhone before. This lines up with the rumors that the glass will bend over the edges of the phone, providing a more rounded and soft experience, a stark move away from the sharper corners on the edges of the iPhone 5s.

These photos show off the panel for the rumored 4.7-inch iPhone 6, but we believe that the 5.5-inch panel will look similar. The distinguishing changes between the two phones may come in internal hardware. Rumor has it the larger may have a better camera with OIS as one distinguishing feature, but we’re not quite sure for now.

Either way, we love that we’re finally seeing what all those rumors of “curved glass” were in reference to.


Todd Haselton

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