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iPhone 6: Don’t Expect It to Look Exactly Like Dummy Units

by Jacob Kleinman | June 30, 2014June 30, 2014 7:30 am EST

We’ve already enjoyed a close look at what appears to be the iPhone 6 thanks to some leaked schematics and a handful of dummy units, but a new report claims the final design for Apple’s next smartphone won’t look quite the same as those mock-ups. According to Japanese newspaper Nikkei the official iPhone 6 offers a few improvements over the dummy units circulating today.

The main issue here seems to be the manufacturing techniques used to produce those dummy units, which aren’t as refined as the methods Apple uses to craft its own devices. The final iPhone 6 should feature a near-unibody design with seamless transitions between its different exterior components. Nikkei‘s sources also claim the white stripes seen on the back of iPhone 6 dummy units are actually placeholders for another material, possibly some sort of glass.

The iPhone 6 will allegedly resemble the dummy units floating around today, especially when it comes to the handset’s new curved design, however. We’re also expecting Apple to add a sharper screen, a faster processor and hopefully a longer-lasting battery when the new device launches later this year.

Recent reports have suggested Apple could unveil the iPhone 6 at a press event in Sept with the device launching on Sept. 19. The dates fit with Cupertino’s tradition of launching new smartphones on a Friday in September, though it’s still too soon to say anything definitively. The iPhone 6 is on the way, however, and we’re already seeing some major retailers permanently discount last year’s iPhone models ahead of its expect release this fall.

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