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YouTube Adding 60 FPS Support and a Tip Jar for Channel Funding

It seems like the days of compressed streaming videos might be behind us. YouTube has announced two separate initiatives to help those who enjoy watching game videos through its website: long-overdue 60 FPS playback and a tip jar for viewers to support their favorite channels.

On its Creator Blog, YouTube announced its plans to “launch support for 48 and even 60 frames per second in the coming months.” An exclusive look into what the new video streaming will look lie has been provided through the aid of the recently announced Battlefield Hardline and the massively popular streaming game, Titanfall.

Citing inspiration from Kickstarter, Patreon, and IndieGoGo, YouTube will also allow a tip jar for viewers to “contribute money to support your channel at any time, for any reason.” Whether you want to help people stream for a living, support game development, aid in prop and video production funding, or just shell out money as a thanks for the hours of free entertainment, you’ll be able to hand over cash easily.

“To put it really simply,” YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki mentions in an article over at Mashable, “any viewer can show any creator their viewer their love by tipping them any amount between $1 and $500.”

On top of these two major additions, YouTube is also planning to support fan-submitted subtitles to make every video understandable in every country in the world, new interactive info cards, and sound effects that will be free for all video makers to use.

Ron Duwell

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