The Company Behind Siri Just Released a New AI Assistant

by Jacob Kleinman | June 27, 2014


SRI International, the company Apple tapped to build its Siri digital assistant, announced a new AI product this week, though this one won’t be restricted to a single operating system. Instead, the new product called Kasisto will offer a voice-controlled digital assistant that any company can integrate into its mobile business.

Essentially, any business can use Kasisto to quickly offer a digital assistant in their own mobile apps without paying to build one from the ground up. It’s still not as good as talking to an actual person, but dealing with AI technology will probably be less frustrating than calling a company and working your way through endless customer service menus.

The first companies taking advantage of Kasisto are all financial services firms, which means the apps you use for banking could soon respond to voice commands. Hopefully we’ll see the software expand to more businesses in the near future. We’d love to simply tell Seamless to order us “the usual” for lunch or ask Uber to call over a ride. Kasisto also comes with its own software development kit, so these types of commands should be easy enough to create. Even so, it could be a while before voice controls become the standard for mobile apps.



Jacob Kleinman

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