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Pacific Rim 2 Set for 2017 Release

by Brandon Russell | June 27, 2014June 27, 2014 11:30 am PST


The next time Guillermo del Toro and his crew drift will be in 2017. The beloved director this week confirmed that Pacific Rim 2 will in theaters in 2017, again exploring the insane world of Jaegers and Kaiju. Despite receiving critical acclaim, the movie, distributed by Warner Bros., did ok domestically, only garnering $101.8 million. However, the film did phenomenally well overseas, grabbing $309.2 million at the foreign box office.

Really, it’s no surprise a second film is on the way; it’s just a shame we have to wait so long for the next one to hit.

Interest in big monster movies has reached an all-time high with the introduction of Pacific Rim and now the return of Godzilla. Del Toro promised the first film was merely a setup for something bigger and better. The same characters are set to return, including Raleigh, Mako, Newt, Gottlieb, “and maybe even Hannibal Chau,” del Toro said. “We are taking them into a fresh territory that will display amazing sight and battles.”

Pacific Rim in and of itself was already an incredible spectacle, so it’ll be great to see del Toro expand on that. (I’m just surprised this announcement wasn’t made at Comic-Con, which kicks off in July.)

In addition to another Pacific Rim film, del Toro also said there’s going to be an animated series set in the same universe launching before the second movie. There’s no real indication as to what the series will cover, but it could set the stage for what moviegoers see in theaters when the film hit on April 7, 2017.


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