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Google Maps, Google Keep Updated For Android Wear

Google I:O 2014 Samsung Gear Live 2

Android Wear devices will start shipping to the public as early as next week, and now Google is starting to prepare its existing applications for the mass roll-out. The company recently updated Google Maps and its Google Keep application so that both will work properly with Android Wear devices. The first products to ship include the LG G Watch and the Samsung Gear Live, though Motorola has promised to ship the Moto 360 by the end of this summer.

It’s unclear what sort of changes are present besides support for Android Wear, though the update should make sure that everything works properly, and you’ll want to make sure you have the latest versions before you try to command your new Android Wear watch to take a note, or ask it to provide directions. Android Wear devices are smart, but they still need to talk to your smartphone to gather this type of data.

The company will likely continue to update other applications that will run on Android Wear by default, and we suspect similar updates will hit third-party apps in the very near future. Did you order an Android Wear device and, if so, which one did you pick?


Todd Haselton

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