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Facebook Home Engineering Team Dissolved

Facebook Home made its debut last year and was launched as a custom launcher that basically wallpapered Android with Facebook status updates, photos and more. Over time it was updated to include other social networks, like Instagram and Tumblr, but it never really garnered much attention among Android users. One unique feature that was appreciated, Chat Heads, has since been moved over to the Facebook Messenger application.

Perhaps noting the lack of demand, Facebook has since disassembled its Facebook Home engineering team, according to a report from The New York Times on Friday. The team members are still working for Facebook but are focused on other initiatives, like Slingshot, which is another application that recently launched but already seems to have fallen short of competing with Snapchat.

Facebook Home hasn’t been updated in five months and, now, it sounds like it’s just going to exist in limbo for the folks who still want to use it. Otherwise it appears that, like the HTC First “Facebook Phone,” we can now officially call Facebook Home a flop.

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Todd Haselton

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