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Android TV Revealed at Google I/O 2014!

by Jacob Kleinman | June 25, 2014June 25, 2014 10:27 am PDT

Google just announced Android TV, its latest attempt at the TV market that provides access to live TV, other media content and mobile games.

You’ll be able to control Android TV using an app on your phone, Android Wear watch or with a physical controller. Google’s new platform will support live television along with a ton of apps and access to Play Store content.

You can tap the Home button from anywhere in Android TV to pull up a menu of content, which will display on top of whatever you were already watching. There’s also a built-in search feature that’s powered by voice. It’s similar to the voice search offered on Amazon’s Fire TV, but emphasizes Google’s content instead, and leverages the power of Google search to its full potential. That means you can search for something like “Oscar winning movies from 2012” and see a list of movies show up instantly.

Android TV also supports mobile games, which you can play using a video game controller. You can also play multiplayer games with your friends online, or share your scores on Google Play right from your TV. Anyone can cast music and other content from an Android phone right to your Android TV, so if a friend comes over, they can play their new favorite song on your TV speakers.

New television sets from Sony, Sharp, TP vision, and Philips will all be releasing in 4K and HD next year with Android TV pre-installed. Asus, RAZR and a number of other companies are also planning to release Android TV set-top boxes this fall.

Jacob Kleinman

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