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What Will the Android “L” Name Be?

by Sean P. Aune | June 24, 2014June 24, 2014 2:00 pm PDT


With pictures surfacing of what appears to be the next major Android release, one has to wonder what tasty treat Google will name it after.

With Android KitKat, Google departed from its usual naming system and opened the floodgates of possible names. Will it go with a generic name? Will it use another licensed brand? We just don’t know. We’ve gathered up a list of potential names that begin with the letter “L,” and while we’ve included three licensed names, we just don’t know if Google will go that route again.

Google I/O kicks off tomorrow morning, and it does look like we’ll hear an announcement for the next version of Android, with that in mind we’ve set this poll to close at 9 a.m. Pacific on June 25 as the keynote presentation begins.

Take a moment to vote for your favorite potential name, and let us know your further thoughts in the comments below.

Sean P. Aune

Sean P. Aune has been a professional technology blogger since July 2007, but his love of tech dates back to at least 1976 when his parents bought...