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Twitter to Fix One Of Its Most Annoying Mobile Problems

by Jacob Kleinman | June 24, 2014June 24, 2014 8:00 pm PDT

retweet-with-comment (1)

Twitter is always experimenting with new features on its mobile apps for iOS and Android, but a new feature spotted today could finally fix one of the its most annoying problems. It looks like the company is testing out a new “Retweet with Comment” option, which lets you quote another tweet without cutting back on your 140 character limit.

Boot up your Twitter app now and tap the retweet button under any post and you’ll see two options: “Retweet” or “Quote.” The first simply spreads the tweet in question to all your followers, while the second puts the tweet in quotation marks and lets you add your own two cents with any remaining characters. The problem, however, is that most of the time there’s not enough space to add more than a word on two, but it looks like Twitter finally has a fix.

The new feature replaces “Quote” with a new “Retweet with Comment” option that embeds the post you’re responding to into your own tweet so it shows up in a neat little card just below your own message. Best of all, it no longer counts towards your character limit.

It’s a clever solution, but for now you still can’t try it for yourself. Twitter head of communications Carolyn Penner was caught testing it out earlier today by Mashable, though hopefully we’ll see the same option roll out to iOS and Android in the near future. Then again, this might just be another Twitter experiment that never makes it past internal testing.


Jacob Kleinman

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