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Pebble Just Got Way Better at Tracking Your Daily Exercise

Unlike a lot of other wearable devices that put an emphasis on fitness, Pebble‘s biggest selling point is its simple design, great battery life and quick access to mobile notifications. Even so, the company is still interested in helping you stay in shape, and thanks to a new partnership with Misfit the smartwatch just got a lot better at fitness tracking.

Mifits new “watchapp” is available now through the Pebble appstore. The app lets you set daily goals and tracks your steps each day. Like other fitness apps and wearables, it’s also capable of telling you the total distance traveled and calories burned, which isn’t too hard to calculate once you have data on the number of steps traveled. Misift is also planning to release an updated app for iOS with Pebble support in the near future, but for now all information is displayed directly on the Pebble.

Pebble already comes equipped with a built-in accelerometer and features a waterproof design, and fitness geeks are probably already using watchapps from a number of other companies that have partnered with the smartwatch-maker to track everything from sleeping to swimming. Even so, Misfit promises to take your exercise routine to a new level. Hit the source link below to check it out for yourself.

Pebble Appstore

Jacob Kleinman

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