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Fresh Android L Pictures Revealed

by Todd Haselton | June 24, 2014June 24, 2014 7:30 am PDT


Information about Android L, the still unnamed next full version of Android that will follow KitKat, has been slowly trickling out through developer tools. Earlier this month we learned a bit about Quantum Paper, one alleged initiative to redesign parts of Android, and today we have a couple of shots that might show us another look at Android L.


The pictures were published to Reddit by a user named “Doopl” who found them inside of the Chromium Issue Tracker. The shots show a simple, flatter user experience that, as Android Police notes, reflects the look of Google Now cards. The notification bar also simply hovers at the top of the screen without any sort of border, though it’s possible this will change down the road. Also, that bell icon at the top of the screen is allegedly for a new “limited interruptions” feature, Android Police said, that will likely allow you to only allow certain people to contact you at certain times, similar to features already baked into iOS and into the Windows Phone 8.1 beta.

We aren’t expecting Google to discuss Android L at Google I/O, especially since it’s in just a couple of days and there hasn’t been a whole lot of information on the release yet, but it’s possible the company will surprise us. Instead, we think we’ll hear Google talk about plenty of other topics, including Android Wear, Google Glass, Android TV and much more. It’s possible, since applications are now standalone, that we’ll hear about updates to individual apps, too.

Here’s a look at some other “Quantum Paper” changes we might also see with Android L:

Reddit Android Police

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