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Batman: Arkham Knight Listed by Microsoft with Feb 24th Release Date

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Batman: Arkham Knight‘s release date just got the biggest hint it could get outside of an official announcement from Warner Bros. The Microsoft Store has the game listed for a release on Feb. 24 with a $10 Xbox gift card digital code.

The date falls in line with previous hints and announcements. Originally slated for a release in October like most other Batman games, Warner Bros. and Rocksteady Studios pushed the game back into an early release in 2015. Shortly after E3, Batman voice actor Kevin Conroy also stated he believed the game would be put on shelves next January.

He is only a month off, but an early winter 2015 release seems inevitable at this point. We’ll wait for Warner Bros. to make an official confirmation before removing this from our rumor board.

Batman: Arkham Knight returns the revolutionary Batman series to development studio Rocksteady Studios after it stepped aside for the creation of Batman: Arkham Origins. The newest game in the series is being built exclusively for next-gen technology and seems out of this world because of it. Along with the Xbox One release, it will also be released for the PC and PlayStation 4.

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