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Yo App Hacked and User Phone Numbers Exposed

by Jacob Kleinman | June 20, 2014June 20, 2014 9:00 am PST

yo app

If the hype surrounding popular new social app Yo has passed you by you may have dodged a bullet. The application has reportedly been hacked by a group of college students, who told TechCrunch they can access any user’s phone number, take over someone’s account or spam them with notifications. Yo founder Or Arbel also confirmed the hack to TechCrunch, noting that his team is working on the “security issues” and hopes to solve the problem in a few hours.

So what is Yo? It’s a very simple app that lets you ping friends and strangers with a simple “yo.” That’s it. There’s no way to add context or follow up with a more detailed message. Signing up for the app is very simple as well. Just boot it up, pick a username and start adding contacts. Lucky for Yo users, the app doesn’t ask for your email address or a password, so all that’s exposed is your phone number.

Yo blew up yesterday following the news that the company had received $1 million in funding. It’s currently the sixth most popular free app in iTunes behind a handful of mobile games and the official FIFA World Cup application. If you haven’t tried Yo for yourself you’re really not missing out on much. It’s definitely not worth downloading, at least not until these security issues are taken care of.


Jacob Kleinman

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