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Surface Mini Suspiciously Appears in Surface Pro 3 User Manual

by Jacob Kleinman | June 20, 2014June 20, 2014 11:30 am PST

surface pro 3 manual surface mini

The Surface Mini never got its moment in the spotlight, and Microsoft caught us by surprise when it failed to unveil a smaller tablet alongside the Surface Pro 3¬†at a press event last month. Now the 12-inch Windows tablet has landed, and it looks like Microsoft’s left a few mentions of its smaller slate in the Surface Pro 3 user manual.

The manual, which you can download online, makes several direct references to the “Surface Mini.” For example, one section focused on the new Surface Pen notes that the fancy new stylus will link directly to either the Surface Mini or Surface Pro 3, suggesting Microsoft originally planned to announce two new tablets at once.

The Surface Mini was reportedly killed off just a few days before Microsoft announced the Surface Pro 3, after the company worried its smaller tablet wouldn’t be a hit. According to recent reports, Microsoft is still sitting on as may as 20,000 copies of the Surface Mini, though it’s unclear if the device will ever hit the market.

Today’s information feels more like a slip-up by Microsoft than an intentional hint that the Surface Mini is on the way. Still, we’re hopeful that the rumored slate could launch later this year. Until then you’re stuck choosing between a smaller Windows tablet from another company or a full-sized Surface.

Jacob Kleinman

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