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iWatch Said to Include More Than 10 Sensors

by Todd Haselton | June 20, 2014June 20, 2014 7:00 am EST

Apple’s iWatch is reportedly due out this October, according to several reports from reputable news sources, and Friday morning The Wall Street Journal tossed its hat into the ring with even more news. The WSJ says that Apple’s iWatch is going to pack more than 10 sensors, including some we’re already familiar with that allow fitness devices to track the number of steps taken. Apple has more up its sleeves, though.

If you’re unaware, most of the more recent flagship smartphones, including Apple’s iPhone 5s even, have sensors built in that can already track your movement, and can provide basic data like distance traveled and calories burned as a result of how far you’ve traveled. That’s not good enough for Apple, and it wants to offer a device with features that can’t simply be replicated by a phone, The Wall Street Journal said. The report doesn’t suggest what else Apple wants to track, though Samsung’s Simband platform showed it’s possible to track much more detailed information, including blood oxygen levels and more.

Reuters said last night that the iWatch will offer a 2.5-inch screen, though The Wall Street Journal suggests multiple sizes are in the works. Today’s report corroborates with Reuters’ claims that Quanta Computer has been tapped to build the device.

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