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Apple’s iWatch Allegedly Awaiting FDA Approval

by Brandon Russell | June 20, 2014June 20, 2014 10:00 am EST


Chinese site Laoyaoba claims Apple’s iWatch, which will reportedly come with a 2.5-inch display and a slew of sensors, is awaiting certification from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Apple is reportedly seeking certification in an effort to target the medical industry; if the FDA approves the company’s request, the iWatch could be designated as medical equipment, giving Apple the opportunity to tackle not only the average consumer, but the medical community.

Laoyaoba also says specs and design for the iWatch have been finalized; that pretty much lines up with a previous report claiming production would start in July, with a worldwide release set for October. This isn’t the first time reports have claimed Apple has contacted the FDA, though previous discussions allegedly surrounded apps—maybe HealthKit?

In addition, Laoyaoba also said the iWatch might contain a ton of sensors, including heart rate, blood pressure, sweat analysis, blood glucose and more. These will all be used to measure a user’s different health metrics, tying in directly with Apple’s new health initiative coming in iOS 8.

We’ve heard countless rumors about Apple’s alleged iWatch, but the truth is we still don’t know anything about it. While Laoyaoba says specs and design have been finalized, a report from Reuters claimed Apple is still trying to complete development before production begins next month. Meanwhile, a separate report said Apple might introduce a few different versions of the iWatch, not just the 2.5-inch wearable we’ve been hearing about.

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