Nokia Has Made Made A Killer New Android Launcher

by Brandon Russell | June 19, 2014

A small offshoot of Nokia, post-Microsoft acquisition, has developed a new Android launcher that makes it simple for users to find apps and other information. The company promises Z Launcher is the quickest way to access anything on your phone, and also provides an individually curated experience based on what apps you use most. Nokia says the more you use it, the better it gets. And it all changes depending on the time of day.

We’ve seem similar launchers for Android like this in the past. But one aspect that really sets it apart is the ability to draw on your screen while the launcher is activated. Stay with me now. By drawing the letter “I”—this is just an example—all of your apps and contacts starting with the letter I will appear. This is essentially like Spotlight or any other search feature, but it allows you to do it simply by drawing a single letter, and it looks expertly executed.

Z launcher is currently in limited pre-beta release, and anyone can sign up through Google+. As of now, the download is available for Android users running 4.1 and up, and has been specifically optimized to work with the Galaxy S5, S4, S3 and Nexus 5.



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