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Google Gives Us a Closer Look at Android Wear Notifications in New Video

by Jacob Kleinman | June 19, 2014June 19, 2014 1:30 pm PDT

Google’s been letting the details of Android Wear trickle out pretty slowly. First the company released a flashy video teasing the new wearables OS. Then we went behind the scenes with Android Wear earlier this month, and now Google has released a new video highlighting how the OS will support third-party app notifications.

Any app currently running on Android will automatically work with Android Wear, but to full take advantage of the new platform developers will have to work with a few extra lines of code. Notifications for the new OS will come in three forms: Stacks, Pages and Replies. Stacks group together multiple notifications from the same app in case multiple emails or messages come in at once, while Pages lets you include multiple info cards in a single notification. Finally, Replies are what let you interact with notifications on Android Wear. It’s similar to actionable notifications in regular Android, but focuses on voice recognition rather that typing or swiping.

We also get to see Android Wear in action, and get a sense of how navigation within the app will work. It looks like you’ll be able to swipe up and down to scroll through a mix of notifications and Google Now-based contextual updates. If you want to interact or learn more about a specific card just swipe to the right to pull up more options. We’re sure app developers will find ways to differentiate themselves in Android Wear, but it seems like Google is doing its best to promote a uniform UI.

We’re expecting to hear a lot more about Android Wear next week at Google I/O. TechnoBuffalo will be covering the keynote presentation live from California, so make sure to check back with us then. For now you can watch Google’s full video below.


Jacob Kleinman

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