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Good Luck Fixing the OnePlus One

by Jacob Kleinman | June 19, 2014June 19, 2014 1:00 am PDT

Getting your hands on a copy of the OnePlus One is easier said than done, but the teardown experts at iFixit managed to lock down the new device which means we’re finally getting a look under the hood. Unfortunately, for any Android fans eagerly awaiting their own copy of the OnePlus One, the device didn’t fair too well, earning a disappointing five out of 10 for repairability.

First the good stuff. The OnePlus One uses standard screws to keep everything packaged together, meaning you won’t need any special tools to open up the device. Much of the hardware is also modular, so you can replace individual components without spending too much.

Unfortunately, the OnePlus-branded battery poses a significant issue thanks to extra adhesive and cables used to hold it in place. The 5.5-inch display also features a unique design, making it extremely difficult to replace. That means if it’s cracked you’re going to have to pretty much buy a new phone or find an expert who knows how to figure out how the heck to replace the screen.

Overall the OnePlus One didn’t fair very well, and if you’re looking for a smartphone that can be repaired for cheap you’ll want to consider another option. Then again, Samsung’s Galaxy S5 got the same exact score, while the HTC One (M8) earned a dismal two out of ten — though that’s because it’s made out of aluminum, and keep in mind HTC will replace your display for free during the first six months of ownership. The OnePlus One may be cheap, and it may offer some solid hardware, but it’s starting to seem like you might be better off picking another phone maker.

OnePlus One

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