Apple Maps in iOS 8 Includes A Cool “City Tours” Feature

by Brandon Russell | June 19, 2014

Apple Maps has never been a crowd favorite—even die-hard Apple users maligned the service when it first launched in iOS 6. It is getting better, there’s no debating that, but it might actually become the go-to service for Apple users when iOS 8 launches later this fall. Can Apple finally convince users to switch from Google Maps for good?

In addition to some major improvements headed to Apple Maps in iOS 8, the company is also looking to add a cool new City Tours feature that gives users a cool bird’s eye flyover experience of big cities. This is the kind of thing that would be perfect for people traveling to a city for vacation, or maybe just someone wanting to see what their favorite city looks like from the air. Apple already has a flyover feature—this builds upon that—but City Tours is more guided, taking users to the most popular points of interest.

A quick video of what City Tours looks like in action was shared, and it looks pretty exciting. Once you activate a tour, Maps will swoop down into the city of your choice, zooming and panning on different landmarks. Cities such as Rome, Stockholm, Barcelona, New York, Paris, Glasgow, Perth and San Francisco are all featured so far. It’s likely other famous cities will be added before iOS 8 officially becomes available later this fall.



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