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You Can Now Use GIFs On Twitter

by Joey Davidson | June 18, 2014June 18, 2014 10:38 am EST

Twitter GIFs

Who doesn’t like a good GIF? Well, I hope you like them, because they’re now usable on a new social media platform.

Twitter has now given users the ability to upload GIFs. The cap for the file size is 5MB, a solid ceiling for most of the animated images. You just upload the GIFs in the same way you would any other picture.

They show up as images with play buttons in timelines, so don’t worry about the obnoxious loading and motion of GIFs while scrolling through your feeds. You have to click play in order to see them.

Now, I’ll need to go through my folder of absurd GIFs in order to impress my nerd friends. BRB.

That’s “GIF,” with a hard G. Call the cops.

Joey Davidson

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