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T-Mobile unRadio Offers 20M Songs to Unlimited Data Customers For Free

by Todd Haselton | June 18, 2014June 18, 2014 6:58 pm PDT

T-Mobile store U.K.

T-Mobile announced UnCarrier 5.0, a T-Mobile test drive on Wednesday night and then followed it up with UnCarrier 6.0 Music Freedom. Then, in another surprise move, it announced Rhapsody unRadio, a free service that will provide 20 million tracks to T-Mobile’s unlimited data customers. Other T-Mobile customers can join in, too, for $4 per month.

If you’re not a T-Mobile subscriber, you can sign up for Rhapsody unRadio for $5 per month, which is still cheaper than other options. This is all in addition to T-Mobile’s Music Freedom initiative, in which popular services like iHeart Radio, Spotify, Pandora, iTunes Radio and more will no longer contribute to the data you’re consuming each month. If you eat up all of your data, you’ll still stream music at high speed.

Rhapsody unRadio will launch in major app stores tonight.

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