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Apple Cuts Price on Apple TV, Mac Mini in Some Markets

by Todd Haselton | June 18, 2014June 18, 2014 8:30 am PDT


Apple didn’t just introduce a lower-priced iMac on Wednesday, it also started to drop the price of other devices in some markets. MacRumors noticed that the Apple TV and some models of the Mac Mini were discounted on a few European Apple Store websites.

MacRumors found that the price drops vary on the Mac mini product and the country you’re shopping in, but that you should expect to see somewhere between a €30 and €60 discount. Meanwhile, the news outlet also noticed that Apple has cut the cost of the Apple TV by €10 in Europe. As the site points out, the Apple TV is still $99 in the United States, though that may change in the coming months if Apple really does have a new Apple TV in the works.

This could all be a small hint that Apple is planning to refresh these devices, and that it’s trying to get rid of its remaining stock before introducing newer models. A wider price drop on the products, including in the U.S., would reaffirm our suspicions. We’ll see if that happens.

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