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Amazon Fire Phone Offers Amazing Firefly Feature

by Todd Haselton | June 18, 2014June 18, 2014 11:08 am PST


Amazon’s Fire Phone, just announced today, has an amazing new feature called Firefly. It kind of works like some of the features built into the Amazon app, like “Flow,” but is even more powerful. You just need to focus your camera on anything, like a book, a jar of peanut butter, a video game, and it will keep track of what you’ve scanned, allowing you to buy it immediately. Or, if you prefer, you can save it to buy later. In total, it can identify more than 100 million items, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos said.

It can also identify music for you, allowing you to purchase the track right from Amazon, or even buy concert tickets to that band through StubHub. If you’re watching a TV show or a movie, you’ll also be able to figure out what’s playing thanks to the Firefly audio engine. In one example, CEO Jeff Bezos even used Firefly to identify a painting – pretty cool stuff, though Google has similar software.

Third party developers will be able to develop for Firefly using a new SDK, too, and there’s a dedicated button to launch the service at any time. Hopefully we learn more about Firefly soon, but so far it sounds really exciting.

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